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June 18, 2019

My Background

My background is in business and finance. For fifteen years I worked in management, for a large retail firm which will remain nameless. I have handled the accounts and investments team and also had day to day running a business experience, from various perspectives.

For many years I was perfectly happy doing this, until the recession came along and things changed suddenly. The company I was with hit the rocks big time and lost everything and I was offered voluntary redundancy.

With not many other options at that time, I took it, hoping to eventually climb back aboard the ship of full time employment in the near future.

Fifteen years later and I still never have, or at least, not as an employee anyway.

In a way, the recession had done me a massive favor. I can appreciate that I was far more fortunate than many in as that I walked away with a redundancy settlement, which was far more generous than others in my position may have got.

It gave me the incentive to set up for myself and start to focus on honing my skills and working out how I could make a living for myself without ever having to go back to the concrete jungle and the nine to five.

At the time, I had foolishly thought self employment as a consultant or writer would be some Noel Cowardesque fantasy of wafting out of bed at noon, sipping a Martini and pottering around in my dressing gown being “creative”.

Now of course the sound of my hollow laughter rings out at such a notion. Self employment, be it as a writer or whatever, is hard work and it needs organization, dedication and lots of slog.

But it is achievable and I hope that anyone thinking of doing similar will read my blogs and learn from my many mistakes!

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