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June 18, 2019

About Me

I am a single man, living in Manhattan, aged forty nine (and a half). The half is important for some reason.

I have spent nearly half a century in this great city, where I have lived and worked, with a few short breaks away. I always come back again, though.

To begin with, I was a ‘suit’ or just another office worker, slogging it out in the nine to five and, although mainly enjoying it, occasionally yearning for another, more gentle way of life.nathan-michael

In 2005 I was working myself almost to the point of a nervous collapse, when fortunately for me, but not everyone else in the world, the financial collapse stepped in to save me.

This instantly transformed me from stressed out accounts manager into unemployed bum overnight and it probably saved my life, or at the very least, saved my sanity.

Since leaving my high pressure, high stress and high paying job I have been working for myself on a series of ventures, this website and blog being just one of them.

Now I write for a variety of publications, mainly on matters of business, finance, travel and lifestyle.

I have been published in many real life paper publications from the Wall Street Journal, to smaller local newspapers in various locations.

Recently, I have started writing for several websites and blogs, mainly connected with finance and business.

I started this website and blog as a way of putting everything in one place and hoping that anyone else thinking of doing freelance journalism sees the error of their ways and does something sensible like joining a Trappist monastery instead.

Not really, this has been the best idea I have ever not quite had – since the decision making process was more or less done for me by redundancy.

But you don’t need to become redundant to make a living from journalism, so please, look around my site and discover more.

Thanks for reading!

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