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May 27, 2019

The Process Behind Painting a Parking Lot

Your parking lot may be left with faded line markings when the snow melts. Faded parking lots not only affect the driving safety but also suggest neglect. It is wise to outline parking spaces clearly to prevent door dings and paint them with arrows to demonstrate the flow of traffic. Property owners are also responsible for ensuring that fire lanes and loading areas are marked to avoid unnecessary traffic. Below are some of the activities involved during the striping of parking lots.

Checking Potholes and Cracks

Of course, one will need to fill cracks and asphalt potholes to ensure proper line striping. You could also opt to apply a seal coat on the surface of the parking space to prevent damages caused by automobile fluids, snow, and UV rays. An asphalt paving contractor must also remove any obstructive object that could deter their efforts.

The Removal of Debris and Dirt

Gravel, rocks, dirt, or even trash can fill up a parking lot after the snow melts. As such, a property owner might need to hire a professional to sweep all debris to prepare the parking lot for striping. You can consult an asphalt paving company near you if you’re unsure whether it is necessary to clean the surface or not. You must also wash the asphalt surface before applying any paint.

Arrange for an Alternative Parking Elsewhere

Property owners will need to arrange for an alternative parking lot elsewhere when the asphalt contractor gets on the ground. You also need to alert tenants, clients, and employees to the change of parking early enough so that they can arrange for the removal of their vehicles before painting begins. Car owners may also need to wait for up to an hour before they can park their vehicles in the lot. You may also need to put up signs to direct pedestrians so that they don’t walk over wet road marking and parking lines.

Hire a Professional Asphalt Contractor

An experienced asphalt paving contractor will work efficiently to restore normalcy as quickly as possible. Moreover, professionals often advise their clients on what needs to be done before parking painting begins. Hire only a certified asphalt paving contractor so that you can expect higher returns. Professionals often use the right paving equipment such as parking lot striping machines for quality and efficiency.

Turn Off Your Sprinklers

You will want to make sure the parking surface is dried before painting can start. As such, property owners will need to turn off their sprinkler systems before the paving contractor gets on the ground. In fact, it’s wise to turn off all sprinkler systems 12 hours before an asphalt paving contractor comes through to paint your parking lots.

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