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May 27, 2019

6 Reasons to Use Custom Volunteer Pins in Your Program

Robert Half, named by Forbes Magazine as one of the best companies to work for in the world, shares a list in their website that emphasizes the importance of rewarding and boosting the morale of anyone who invests time and provides support to your organization.

People who volunteer are especially worthy of commendation. They represent passion for the morale and welfare of a group, and their altruism shows that they support you on their own accord. Even though these individuals are willing not to accept remuneration for what they do, it is important to keep them motivated.

Here are six reasons why custom volunteer pins can be the best way to, systematically or randomly, reward volunteers with a tangible show of appreciation that can also help them stand apart.

1. More productivity- Volunteerism is about altruism and working for pleasure, not rewards. Still feeling appreciated is a primary morale booster that makes people want to come and help out even more. What’s more, if a pin system is implemented to rank volunteers by the time they serve or the resources that they contribute motivates them to really go above and beyond what they consider to be their call of duty.

2. Better service/performance- The appreciation of being recognized will entice volunteers to want to stand out and be a part of a specific category. For instance, those volunteers who are aware of their capacity to give more or do more may want to join forces to“make it”into a harder “rank” than others may not be able to reach. This distinguishes volunteers by levels and keeps the momentum going.

3. Details, details- A happy volunteer is there because they feel a call to do what is correct. They tend to be people who like to do things correctly and with attention to detail. The happier the volunteer, the more attention to detail they will pay.

4. Payroll savings for more service- Volunteers fill the gaps that sometimes we cannot afford put together due to budget constraints. Think about one of the most effective types of volunteers: Classroom parents. The time it would take a typical teacher to make copies, sharpen pencils, put up bulletin boards, or grade extra papers would mean having to hire additional personnel to do the job. Volunteers are invaluable in good classroom management. Imagine not rewarding such efforts.

5. Friendlier environment- Appreciation leads to no contentions or arguments that arise out of what becomes a stress factor once you volunteer for no reason. Any chance to come face to face with those who are giving their time for your company is a positive moment. Rewarding them with a custom-made pin, just for them, shows your initiative and gratitude, not to mention creativity.

6. Sense of “team” – Volunteers may sometimes question their worth within the bigger group where they offer their time without pay. Having them “branded” as official part of the bigger family is a superb way to build teamwork, and a sense of family in the group. Symbols always bind people together.