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June 18, 2019

Better Safe than Sorry: 5 Benefits of Employee Safety Videos

Employee safety videos are becoming a trend in the new hire onboarding process and continuous employee education. If you have not yet implemented the practice of using safety videos at your establishment, you may want to rethink it and start using them. Here are five benefits of using such videos:

1. Higher Absorption rate

Employees are usually not overly excited about having to read a bunch of rules and regulations inside of a book. However, video learning can be fun and engaging. Therefore, the video learning will naturally have a higher absorption rate than other types of learning will have. That’s a good thing because you’ll want your employees to view, digest, retain and then use the information. If they enjoy the information’s presentation, then they will likely retain it. You’ll be able to see if they retained it by the way that they handle safety issues.

2. Fewer Workers Compensation Cases

Workplace safety issues are responsible for many of the workers’ compensation cases. Using safety videos can drastically reduce the number of workers’ compensation cases that you have to pay out to employees. Becuase of the reduced number of such cases, you’ll have fewer instances of losing your key workers because of injuries.

3. Better Audit Scores

If your business goes through regular audits, you’ll want to do whatever you can to ensure that you receive some excellent scores. Safety videos can help your employees to implement safe practices on the job, and that can help you to get the highest scores possible when you do get audited.

4. Completion Tracking

Tracking is a great reason to use safety videos to train your workers. The old-fashioned way of giving employees reading materials to learn safety processes was not easy to track. The online way can give you a clear indication of whether an employee digested the material or not. You can use that information to ensure that everyone who’s supposed to read the material does it in a timely fashion. Your team will stay educated and safe because of it.

5. Faster Learning Sessions

Online learning using videos can save you a lot of time and money. Videos can sometimes say in 10 minutes something that would take some people an hour to read. That means that you may only have to pull your workers off the floor for a few minutes to learn something, and that short absence will not affect your business.

Those are just a few random reasons that using safety videos can help your establishment. You can add it to your collection of educational videos today and see how it works for your employees.