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May 27, 2019

4 Reasons to Hire a Tour Guide on Your Next Vacation

You been planning your dream summer trip and saving up for it for a while. You’re spending a lot for airfare, hotels, food, and entertainment but you’re determined to have a good time. It seems that every travel site that you visited has ads and reviews for tour guides so you’re wondering if they’re worth the extra expense. Here are four advantages to hiring these professionals for your next vacation.

Local Knowledge

If you don’t know the local language, a tour guide is a must if only to communicate your wishes to the people around you. And even if everybody speaks English, you’re still at a disadvantage at an unfamiliar destination because you don’t know enough about the local sites and culture to find the best places to visit and to get around efficiently. A tour guide can take you to popular sites when they are least crowded, put you in the middle of a local festival that nobody else knows about, and take you to a neighborhood hangout with the best food and drink that never appears on a travel guide.

Problem Solving

You know how to get to your hotel to an out about the way site? Are there items on the bill that you never ordered? Did the expensive souvenir that you just bought fall apart at your hotel? Tour guides will be able to solve all these problems for you because they know how to talk with local providers. And if you’ve bought your souvenir or service from someone that they have been using for years, they have some pull in getting your issue resolved. A tour guide will also isolate you from potential problems by dealing with all the logistics of your trip.


When you’re on vacation, you want to spend as much time having fun or relaxing, especially if you’ve got limited leave time from work. You don’t want to be stuck on a slow train to nowhere or spend hours trying to find a room. A tour guide can do all your planning and make reservations, sparing you from all the logistical details. He or she also knows the fastest way to get from point A to point B whether that be taking an underground subway that avoids traffic or going with a taxi that can reach out of the way destinations.


A tour guide can prevent you from wandering into high-crime areas of a location and keep you from falling prey to scams and con artists. On the issue of keeping you safe from crime alone, a tour guide is worth a hire. He or she will also know when you are being charged too much for goods or services, and can watch for unnecessary charges that are put on your bill because you are unfamiliar with the local economy.