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May 27, 2019

How To Store Your Fishing Gear In The Off Season

Fishing can be considered a hobby, sporting event, or just simply a survival technique. Regardless of whether someone fishes for sport, fun, or survival the fishing industry has become a million dollar industry that provides a source of meat for people all around the world. A true fishermen will invest quite a bit of money in their fishing equipment so the need to store their equipment properly is going to be of the upmost concern during the off-season. Here are a few tips on how fishing equipment can be stored during the off-season.

Fishing equipment that have reel attachments, gears or springs should always be cleaned after their final use so they don’t freeze or rust with corrosion during the off season. This will ensure that the equipment will last and will be in the best shape for the upcoming fishing season. If there are any loose wraps or worn guides on the rod then those should be replaced before storing.

When disassembling a fishing rod, sleeves can be used to keep the tips and butts from becoming mismatched. In addition the fishing rods should be stored in a vertical position to ensure that they don’t get broken. They should also be stored at room temperature because storing them in locations that are either too hot or too cold can cause damage to the graphite or the fiberglass that the rods are made of.

When using waders they should be checked for leaks and any lines that are made of monofilament or braiding should be checked for wear and tear. If there is a leak found in the wader then it should be replaced and after the braided or monofilament lines have been checked for wear and tear, they can be cleaned with ordinary dish soap and stored loosely for use in the upcoming season. All hooks and lures that are rusty or bent should be replaced. All fishing knives should first be cleaned, sharpened and then oiled before being stored. Fly fishing lines can be removed from their reels after cleanup and should be stored like loose coils to prevent tangling.

Now that the tips on the fishing equipment have been covered let’s move on to proper storing of the fishing boat. Because without the fishing boat being in it’s best condition a fisherman would not be able to fish properly. Boats have engines just like cars do so it is important for the spark plugs, water and oil filters to be changed. The boat outboard can be trimmed to drain any standing water and the battery should be removed and then stored in a warm place. It is also a good idea to cover the boat to keep out debris and animals.

By utilizing these tips a fisherman will be prepared for the next fishing season. In addition they will have also saved themselves quite a bit of money by performing these simple pre and post cleaning and repair techniques.

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