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May 27, 2019

How-to Keep Your Business Pest Free

There are many reasons why it is important to keep your business pest free. A few of those reasons are that pests can cause health issues or illness and also can create damage to your office space. You need to ensure a safe work environment, which is why it is important to stay on top of pest control and prevention. Here are a couple of ways to which you can keep your business pest free.


  1. Make sure the office is kept clean:

One thing that attracts rodents and insects like roaches and ants; is a filthy environment. Make sure food is kept to a designated break area and that everyone takes care of their dishes and puts trash in a receptacle. Sweep and vacuum regularly, wipe down counters and desks.

  1. Maintain Lawn and Landscaping:

A long grassy lawn is a perfect haven for insects and depending on the length, a great hiding spot for small rodents. If you have any tree branches that touch your building or are very close to the building, trim them back as rodents climb these and find easy access points to gain entry to buildings.

  1. Watch for Water:

A lot of insects or rodents look for sources of water. On the outside of your building check that water is diverted from the building – this includes any sprinkler heads and your rain gutters. On the inside of the building check under sinks and around toilets to make sure there are no leaks or moisture.

  1. Check Entry Points: Give the building a thorough inspection. Look for gaps in doors or windows, missing caulk, cracked windows, etc. as these could be entry points for insects and other critters. Fix anything you find, as it will help to deter pests.
  2. Do it yourself:

If you are looking to save money and don’t have any pest issues currently, it is possible to prevent any issues yourself. Install bait, traps and go around the perimeter of the building with a blocking agent that helps to repel critters.

  1. Hire an exterminator:

If you have a current pest problem or would like someone else to handle the ongoing prevention, hiring a pest control service is a good option. They can spray professional grade poison and repellents and locate the area where the pests are entering.


Pests can create havoc on a business – so it is important that any active pests are treated and that the property be treated to prevent further issues.

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