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June 18, 2019

How to Style Your Hair for a Wedding

A wedding is an event that allows your personality to shine. In addition to the numerous ways you can dress for a ceremony and reception, there are equally as many ways to style your hair. From super-formal up-dos to loose waves to perfectly coifed curls, you have options. The following list of ideas helps you narrow down your choices by allowing you to decide which hairstyle to wear.


Here are some ways to style your hair for a wedding:


  • A pretty ponytail. The location of the fastener makes a world of difference. For example, a high ponytail is reminiscent of the 1990’s when pop stars wore long extensions. A medium hanging pony is perfect for hair that is growing out but isn’t quite long enough to wear high or low. A low ponytail is great for medium to long hair because it looks pretty but doesn’t require much fuss to get it to look the way it does. Best of all, there are many different types of hair ties and barrettes you can use to glam up your hairstyle. A little sparkle goes a long way!
  • A top knot. Secured by bobby pins, this hairstyle allows you to show off backless blouses and dresses with greater ease. It also requires little touch-up throughout the event because a few spritzes of hairspray keep it in place. A small bottle of extra hold strength can be put in your purse and used as needed.
  • A messy bun. A simple and somehow elegant hairdo complements the theme of the casual beach and boho weddings. Due to the laid-back nature of the event, it only makes sense to capitalize on comfortability. You’ll be glad that your hair is up while spending hours on the dance floor busting a move. It helps keep you cool and still looks nice in all the photos being shot of you while dancing.
  • Long and sleek. Martha Stewart Weddings notes the popularity of blowouts and long hair. If the length is an option, wear your hair down. As long as it is clean and shiny, it will look amazing! You can opt to wear flowers in your hair, pin up small sections with clips or push back your bangs with a headband that matches the colors in your dress.

How you chose to style your hair for a wedding has a lot to do with the role you play and the clothing that you wear. If the event is casual, you may want to go with a simple hairstyle. If the ceremony and reception are more formal, a professional hairdresser may be able to create a look that lasts throughout the entire duration of the occasion.