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June 18, 2019

Race Car Driver Or Snail? What Your Eating Habits Say About You!

eatAre you a dunker or a dipper? Does the thought of other people’s food appeal more than your own? Do you eat like a little bird, picking at your plate or dig in like a forklift truck at the dinner table?

Eating is a very personal thing, which makes it hardly surprising that there are so many phobias and do’s and don’ts surrounding the dinner table.

For many, being asked out on a first date that involves eating (and don’t most of them at some level) can be a nerve wracking experience, never mind the ordeal of having a meal with the boss.

And although table manners and etiquette are different the world over, the different types of eater are there no matter where you may be.

So, can anything be gleaned from the speed you eat your meal? Some food experts think that there is!


We all know these people. The ones who are still cutting up their appetizers as you are finishing dessert. Traditionally cursed by all for being the ones that make formal meals go on forever, they leave us wondering how they ever manage to get through the day if a bowl of cornflakes can last forty five minutes.

buffetYes, sometimes people have actual physical reasons for slow eating, certain digestive conditions can make it hard for some folk to eat quickly and also, yes, we know that it is also better for the body to eat slowly, you are less likely to overeat for example.

But there are limits! We have all got a family member who is still struggling with their vegetables when you are eyeing up the pudding trolley.

Well, surprise surprise, according to some food psychologists, these people may be stubborn! But also, methodical, logical, confident and well organized.

And less likely to be fat, to boot!


Yes, the polar opposite of the slow eater is the eater who treats every meal as if it is a formula one car race. We fear for these people – have they never heard of heartburn? Are they not at risk of accidentally ingesting the table cloth?

Fast eaters are not surprisingly usually quite quick off the mark in other spheres of life and like seeking out new experiences. They may be thrill seekers who get bored quickly. Or fat easily from over eating.

Eating too fast can prevent the brain from realizing that it is no longer hungry. So slow down!