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May 27, 2019

7 Cute Ways to Feature Your Pet in Home Décor

Pets are just as much members of the family as your child or your parent. As such, they require an important place in the home. To make sure your family and friends know just how important your pet is to you, here are seven ideas to feature your pet in your home’s decor.

1. Pillows

One of the best and practical ways to feature your pet is to have their likeliness embroidered or sewn onto a pillow. These can be small pillows that you place on the sofa or a larger pillow that your pet actually uses to sleep on at night. However you choose to use it, the pillow is a must-have for pet lovers.

2. Statue

This is a perfect way to memorialize your pet. Have a sculpture crafted of your pet. This sculpture can be placed either tastefully somewhere in the house or in your garden. Long after your pet has passed away, you will still have the statue to remember them by and love.

3. Portrait

Whether you want to use an actual photo or have a painting done of your pet, a large portrait can be an awesome feature to have in the home. Hang it over the fireplace or somewhere more discreet. Either way, the noble portrait can be used as an excellent talking point.

4. Blanket

Similar to the pillow, you can have your pet’s likeness etched onto a blanket. Now, no matter what, you can cuddle with your pet on those chilly nights. If you don’t want to use the blanket, consider hanging it against a wall as a decorative piece.

5. Pet Dish

This is an excellent idea if you have more than one pet. By taking their likeness and placing it on their food bowls, you can help to separate bowl from bowl. Perhaps your pet can even be trained which bowl is theirs!

6. Welcome Sign

An awesome and unique way to welcome your guests into your home is to have a welcome sign situated outside. Adding in your pet can not only inform them that you have a pet in the house, but it can also be a cute and adorable way to feature them.

7. Paw Print Art

One last idea is to have their paw prints cast in cement. You can take these prints and hang them on the wall or sprinkled throughout the garden. Those cute little prints can be a talking point for you to tell your friends about all of the adventures and mischief your pet tends to get into and exploit. They also look great on the wall.