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May 27, 2019

8 Ways to Show Your Love for Animals Through Clothing

Do you love animals? Are you looking for ways to let your love of animals shine in the clothing you wear? Animals are wonderful creatures. Our beloved cats, dogs, and other pets are true friends. They are there for us when no one else is. They love us without passing judgment. Show your love for your wonderful pets and the other creatures on our wonderful planet through the clothing you chose to wear. Below, we provide you with a variety of ways you can put your clothes to work to demonstrate your appreciation of animals.

Purchase from Companies that Support Animals

One of the best ways you can show your love from animals through the clothes you chose is to purchase those clothes from companies that support animals. There are many clothing brands that work to use sustainable practices that try to preserve natural resources. These companies help animals in nature to be able to maintain their access to food and drinking water. This article from the Huffington Post highlights some companies that are employing these sustainable, environmentally friendly practices.

Don’t Wear Furs

Sometimes your love of animals can be shown through the clothes you choose not to wear. Don’t wear clothing that is made out of animal furs. If you like the look of fur, find faux-furs as an alternative. Animals are killed to make furs for us to wear, and they often are not killed humanely. Peta highlights nine facts about fur that show how inhumane wearing furs is in this article.


Why not pick up some cute accessories to show your love for animals. Find a purse with an animal print or pattern. Look for a cute umbrella with a picture of your favorite animal. Pick up a new coat with an animal print. There are so many options when you think about your accessories that will help you show your love for animals.

Pick up Some Cute Animal Socks

Even when you need to dress professionally for work, you can still have a little flair on your feet! Hide a fun pair of socks featuring your favorite animal under your trousers!

Buy a Cute Sweater for your Pet

We love our pets, so why not show how much we love them through purchasing new clothing items for them? Why not pick up a cute sweater for your dog? They’ll be stylish and stay nice and warm!

Dress Up your Baby or Child

Help your baby or child’s love of animals grow by dressing them up! Have them help you pick out some cute clothes with images of their favorite animals. It’ll spark some conversations with people they see, and they’ll get to share what they love about the animals on their clothing!

Purchase Matching Outfits for you and your Pet

Finally, show your love for your pet by buying matching outfits! When you go on a walk, everyone will see your love for him! You’ll be sure to stand out (in a good way)!

We love our animals and enjoy spending time with them. Let everyone who sees you know how you feel about our magnificent fellow creatures who share the Earth with us. Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration to help you update and improve your wardrobe!

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