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May 27, 2019

7 Ways To Create Unique Senior Portraits

As you approach the final year of high school, there are many different ‘rights-of-passage’ that wrap up senior year. One of these ‘rights’ is the professional ‘Senior Pictures’. This may be one of the first times that you have a professional picture taken since you were very little. The best part about these pictures is that it is a time to show the true you; what you like, what you do, but mostly, who you are.

There is a countless amount of photographers waiting for you to give them a call to schedule your date. You need to be ready to tell them what you want, not what everyone else is doing for ‘their’ poses, but a unique view of you. Here are some unique ideas to make your senior pictures ‘wow’ everyone who sees them.

Here is a list of 7 creative ways to create unique senior portraits:

  • Utilize lines and curves
  • Use reflections
  • Show the past
  • Play with lighting
  • Find different focal points
  • Create angles
  • Be yourself

When lines and curves are used correctly, you will stand out in the picture. Bridges, railroad tracks, buildings, trees, anything drawing an eye directly toward you, will show a background that is stunning because you are the focus.
Reflections are not used enough. Grab a mirror, use a window, and look into a pond or lake. A reflection shows that you are growing from who you once where and into the young adult you are becoming.

Another great way to show how much you have grown is to use your past. Hold a picture of your first day of school. This will remind people of who you were when you started your journey in education and who you are becoming. You can take this one step further and hold something that will symbolize your journey into the future. What are you going to do after high school? Are you going into nursing? Wear a stethoscope.

Make sure that you utilize the lighting that you have. Plan your photo shoot around natural lighting. The sun at high noon will give great shadow effects, but moonlight also creates a mystical glow.

Blurry pictures are not a good thing, unless you plan for the blur. Find a background you like and create a distorted view of it by making you the focal point. Use some type of items that tell us who you are, blur them enough to tell what they are and focus on you.

Angles can create illusions. Have the photographer lie down to take the picture, stand above you and look down on you while you are looking up. It’s all about the perspective of the lens here and how you want to be captured.

The best advice, however, is to be yourself. These pictures are about you. The you that you are when no one is looking. Be brave, be bold, be yourself. Show us who you are; don’t hold back.

When it comes to senior year it will fly by. Create as many memories as possible, but capture yourself in this moment; the moment between teenager and adult.


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