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May 27, 2019

7 Lab Safety Rules Everyone Should Follow

Working in a lab can be dangerous, if you don’t know all of the safety rules. When hiring on to work in a laboratory, get briefed on all the appropriate safety measures to take. Here are 7 common lab safety rules found in most labs:

Buddy Up
No one should ever be in, or work in the lab alone. This is for safety in case assistance is needed – whether it be an injury or help with the equipment.

Make sure that you are wearing the proper attire when you are inside the lab. You are going to need to have closed toed shoes, hair will need to be tied back, wear gloves, safety goggles, and lab coats. The shoes help to protect your feet and the goggles will protect your eyes along with the lab coat protected your clothes.

Use caution any time you are working with chemicals. You should only work with chemicals in a properly ventilated area. Chemicals should only be used as you were trained. Don’t try to touch them with your bare hands or try to ingest them. Be aware of proper chemical disposal procedure.

Never use any of the lab equipment unless you have been trained and have permission to do so. If any of the equipment isn’t working properly or has fallen, notify your supervisor immediately.

Check all glassware each time it will be used. Check for cracks and chips and if you notice any damaged glassware, notify your supervisor before disposing of the material.


Don’t use laboratory glassware for anything other than what it was intended. A sterile environment needs to be kept at all times.

If any particles or chemicals happen to get in your eyes, you need to walk over to the station for eye washing. This is so that you can rinse your eyes out for about 15 minutes. Your eyes will need to be open while you are rinsing them out. Then if the chemicals get on your skin, then you will need to take a shower.

Be sure to note where the lab’s exits and fire alarms are located. If there is a fire drill turn off all electrical equipment and close any containers that are open. Open flame should not be directly in the lab unless you have permission from a supervisor.


If you don’t follow proper safety procedures, injury or death can occur. It is important to always follow the safety guidelines of your employer – they are they for your safety and to help keep others safe as well.

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