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June 18, 2019

6 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing is crucial to establishing your brand and reputation. Even if you think the current process is working, there’s always room for improvement. Consider these six ideas and give them a try. You may find that the return on your marketing investment increases noticeably.

Identify Primary and Secondary Customer Demographics 

Perhaps the goods and services offered by your company appeal to more than one type of consumer. In this case, it helps to identify the type of client who is most likely to be interested in your products. That’s where you will concentrate most of the marketing effort. At the same time, identify secondary demographics who may also become consistent sources of generated revenue. This approach helps to insulate the business from financial difficulties if changes in the economy inhibit the ability of your primary market to continue purchasing products at the same level.

Put Social Media to Work For You 

Social media is not an afterthought in today’s business world. Many consumers actively look for information about businesses in these venues. Your goal is to establish accounts, grow followings, and provide information that your followers are willing to share with others in their networks. Think of this as another aspect of relationship marketing; you build relationships with people via social media and they in turn share your posts with people they believe would be interested.

Posting regularly and making the posts helpful is the way to go. Post at least three times a week and include links back to your business website. That increases the odds for more hits that eventually lead to sales.

Take Some Cues From the Competition 

You don’t have to infiltrate a competitor’s company to figure out what type of marketing is working for them. You can see what type of print and electronic ads they run, how they use social media, and even get an idea of how well they use traditional marketing like radio and television. When something seems to be working for them, that approach may be easy to adapt for your marketing campaign.

Anticipate and Provide Answers to Questions 

Whether as part of an email campaign, a company website, or a social media account, provide answers to questions that consumers are likely to ask. This type of approach provides transparency that many consumers find attractive. They may even decide they want to know more based on how directly you answer those questions.

Optimize Electronic Marketing Efforts for Mobile Devices 

All your online marketing effort should be optimized for display on mobile devices. That’s because more consumers than ever are using smartphones and tablets to research companies and make purchases. Ensure they find it easy to visit your site, find what they need, and place an order.

Freshen Content at Least Annually 

Whether electronic or printed, your content should be refreshed at least annually. Even if you consider the content to be evergreen, rewording the information motivates many consumers to take a second look.

Never assume your marketing effort has no room for improvement. Review it today and see what can be made better. Even a couple of changes could impact your brand and pave the way for new customers to join the fold.

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