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May 27, 2019

6 Unique Ways to Use Portable Storage

Portable storage is one of those options in storage that nearly everyone recognizes today. A storage unit is dropped off at the user’s location, utilized for storage purposes, and then relocated or removed when the user dictates. To see such a unit in passing somewhere seldom elicits thoughts of anything beyond typical storage applications. However, for some, these portable units are not just simple storage options. Let’s take a look at some of the most creative and atypical ways portable storage users have been seen utilizing their units.

Temporary Records Station

In many industries, the need for temporary, secure storage of physical documents can occur at any time. Whether government, business, academic, or otherwise, the types of documents can range greatly and may need a safe storage spot on-site for a very brief or even an extended period of time. Internally, these setups often include file storage cabinets, shelving, and other document-specific organization media.

Undercover Policing Point

Possibly the most exciting and adventurous use of portable units is that of undercover policework. This is not an extremely common application, but when it is used, it is quite an effective tool. The unit can be used to bait would-be thieves into breaking in while under watch. It can be used to house officers ready to make a sudden, undercover action. In addition, it can be used as a simple point of surveillance in a target area, with or without actual personnel inside.

Vendor Stand

Many portable storage users have found a uniquely constructive use of these units in transforming them into a miniature shop or vendor stand. The options vary greatly here, but inclusions such as refrigerators, cooking equipment, food storage, displays, cash registers and more have all been seen put to great use within. This arrangement is most often seen in venue-based, temporary business, sports, or commerce events.

Emergency Shelter

An emergency shelter is any place that serves as a temporary place of shelter or residence for people or animals at a time when their regular home is not livable due to emergency. Smaller units are not well suited to this task, but larger ones can work out quite well. Attributes of these temporary shelter arrangements can differ greatly, but the best applications include electrical provisions, a translucent roof, and an internally operable door – all common attributes in portable storage.

Spring Cleaning Tool

When homeowners or businesses get into big cleaning or reorganizing projects, there is often a great need for additional, temporary space for the movement and shifting around of wares as organization and cleaning take place. From bikes and motorcycles to lawn equipment, building supplies, and more, the wares temporarily placed here during the process can be virtually limitless. In the end, the storage unit can be returned or even stay in place should continued use then be deemed necessary.

Permanent Structural Additions

Use of portable storage units as permanent structural additions on personal property happens most often in the case of older, decommissioned units. Having served their business purposes, these units are often sold to private buyers, at which point they are often transformed into more permanent structural add-ons such as for extra garage space, sheds, outdoor storage, and even functional, underground spaces.

Most portable storage units are indeed used for more common, temporary storage applications, To the more creative patron though, there is often a whole other world of unique options to be explored that is presented by such a unit. These six examples are just a few of those many alternative uses that have been found to be surprisingly practical in use. What uses could you come up with for these portable parcels of possibility?

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