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June 18, 2019

6 Cigar Tips for the Novice

Nothing beats lounging back in the easy chair and puffing on an old Nicaraguan cigar. You may be new to this artistic hobby, but many famous people were known to smoke cigars. Some examples of these legends include Groucho Marx, Che Guevara, John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchhill and Mark Twain. Let’s have a look at the best cigar tips for the novice.

#1: Enjoy the Ritual

Many cigar smokers will tell you that they have fallen in love with the entire process of smoking from the cutting to the toasting and lighting of the cigar. Take your time tasting the flavor of it.

#2: Don’t Inhale Cigars

Smoking a cigar differs from smoking cigarettes where you don’t inhale. Instead, you sip on the smoke and taste it like a fine wine. Once you’ve tasted it, you gently blow it out and enjoy the flavor.

#3: What to Do with the Cigar Band?

In general, we don’t recommend tearing off the cigar band because this risks tearing the wrapper. In addition, the band serves as a reference point for where you should hold the cigar. Not only that, the band lets others know the brand you’re smoking.

#4: Putting out the Cigar

Like a true hobbyist cigar smoker, you may want to learn how to snuff it out. The process is quite simple, and unlike with cigarettes, you don’t have to snuff them out. Instead, you can place them in the ashtray, and they will burn out of their own accord. Cigars don’t have the same chemicals as cigarettes that cause them to keep burning.

#5: Lighting a Cigar

You have plenty of options when it comes to lighting a cigar. You could use a lighter, a match or a torch lighter. In general, the butane lighter will do the best work. Second best is the match because it doesn’t give off a flavor. The flame of the cigar tends to go out with the match. A regular cigarette lighter should only be used in emergencies because some experts say that it taints the flavor of the cigar.

#6: Experiment

The best way to discover your favorite cigar brand comes down to experimenting with the different brands. Some of the good ones that you might consider include Cao Gold, Gispert, Macanudo Hyde Park and Romeo y Julieta Romeo No. 2.

Exploring new cigar brands with your buddies will serve to enhance the experience and make it even more enjoyable because you will have some people to talk to while you smoke cigars. Finding a friend who already understands cigars can make this elevate this experience to another level. Pairing a cigar with a drink can make the experience even better.

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