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June 18, 2019

5 Ways to Improve your Gun Range

A good gun range is one that safely provides a place for its patrons to enjoy the use of their firearms for practice or pleasure. An even better range is one that makes additional strides to be the most convenient, safe, and enjoyable establishment for firearms use. In this spirit, there are a number of ways that interested range operators can employ in order to make their range go from average to outstanding. Here are five ways to do just that.

Self-Service Vending

It is often a frustration for range patrons to wait extensively long periods just to buy a case of ammo or some quick safety gear in order to get onto the range. As modern, self-service vending machines have truly grown to work nearly any product, the most high-end ranges have begun to include these machines rather than amp up human staff. While longer-lasting transactions take the attention of human personnel, other patrons in need of a quick re-up of supplies can hit the machines and move on rather than stand waiting.

Quality Brass Cleanup

It’s certainly acceptable and common to simply provide patrons with a broom and dust-pan for shell cleanup in the shooting area. Range operators wanting to go above common practice though often employ a number of better brass cleanup methods. One option is to simply employ an attendant for the purpose so as to alleviate the burden from the patrons. Another idea is to have the floor troughed to an incline that leads to a collection pit, in which case the spent shells roll and collect on their own. There are many ways to go about improving this area greatly.

Fluid, Computerized Check-In

Another hassle experienced in many ranges is the check-in system for entering the range and beginning time therein. All of the ID verifications, sign-off acknowledgments, and safety gear checks can in fact be performed by computerized system, again streamlining service and limiting customer aggravation in excessive waiting. Should range operators not be comfortable with all of this being computer delegated, certain portions can still be assigned to streamlined tech while other elements remain reserved for a staff member’s inspection.

Online Reservations

Customer convenience and a modern image are simultaneously improved yet again when technology is used for advance reservation services. Helping the business and customer alike, these online services can provide reservations, range schedules, status and downtime updates, and more. If the range already has a website, simply adding such offerings is fairly simple in most cases. If there is no range website, it is strongly advised to get one of these going as well.

Quality Communications System

In the ranges of yesteryear, if there is a situation in which personnel is needed, the patron must go through the motions of safely exiting the shooting area and locating personnel. Another common communication method here is the primitive, wave through the glass in the hopes of catching staff’s attention. To go beyond these primitive methods and boost safety and convenience, consider installing a wired or wireless intercom system. With today’s technology, this can be relatively inexpensive and is only good, modern practice in an up-to-date range.

There are so many ways to make effective improvements to any range out there. If the improvement bolsters safety and convenience, it is even more viable in this particular environ. Range operators can quickly impress their customers and find themselves ahead of the curve with the use of improvements such as these.

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