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May 27, 2019

5 Water Additives that Can Improve Industrial Processes

Water is an important component in many industrial processes, but if often needs some help to get the job done. It is also an excellent platform for delivering other chemicals into industrial systems. Those properties have made water additives vital to many industries, and their use can improve industrial processes even when they are not strictly necessary.


Where there is water, there is life. Unfortunately, bacteria can often cause corrosion and otherwise destroy industrial machinery. Biocides exist to purge that harmful bacteria from the water. This prevents them from releasing corrosive compounds as a result of their normal metabolic functions, which in turn prevents damage to the machinery. This is important both to cut down on the cost of replacing damaged machinery and to prevent accidents in the workplace that come from using damaged devices.


Water naturally forms foam when air is trapped inside it, as is often the case in industrial processes. The foam can cause problems in a wide variety of industries, but it is particularly known for preventing containers from filling completely and damaging surface coatings. Defoamers, which include a variety of water-insoluble oils and a number of powders such as silica, disrupt the foam as it forms. This prevents foam from forming, and it can also be used to destroy existing foams after they have formed.

Boiler Water Treatment

Boilers are vital to modern industry, but they need a fairly specific set of internal conditions to function properly. Water additives are the easiest way to get those conditions, since they can be added to the water as it enters the boiler. Most treatments start by adjusting the water’s pH, since few water sources are naturally at the optimum level. Most of them also contain a blend of chemicals that is designed to fight against corrosion and extend the boiler’s lifespan. They can also reduce maintenance costs by discouraging the sludge buildup that occurs when trace contaminants settle out of the water inside the boiler.


Even the cleanest industry involves a certain amount of dirt and contamination, and those contaminants need to be cleaned out of machines to keep them working. Cleaning chemicals are an important part of that process, and adding them to water can often reduce the time spent on cleaning. Many cleaners are formulated for specific machines and tasks, so workers need to take care to choose the right one for each job.

Bacterial Additives

Biotechnology is a new innovation, but it’s also a potent one. Engineered bacteria are used to digest organic compounds and remove them in an eco-friendly way. They are especially popular in environments where other living things need to survive, since they are less likely to harm other organisms than traditional chemical equivalents.

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