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May 27, 2019

5 Tips For Remodeling Your Bathroom

One of the best ways to improve the home value of your home is to renovate the bathroom or kitchen. For many homeowners, a fresh bathroom is an enticing feature of a home. However, bathroom renovations can be difficult, especially if you’re doing it yourself. To keep your plan on the budget, consider following some of these tips when remodeling your bathroom.

1. Keep Plumbing

Unless it is absolutely necessary, try to keep the plumbing exactly where it is. Most of the cost of your remodeling could be tossed away at this juncture. Having to redo plumbing is costly, so if you can arrange other parts of your bathroom differently or even build out to make additional space, that’s going to be potentially cheaper than redoing all of the plumbing.

2. Remove Toilet Lid

If your toilet is performing well and isn’t a drain on the water portion of the bill, then why throw it out? Sometimes all you need is a different lid for the toilet to bring it a whole new look. For those who are used to the usual white lid, maybe you should venture into a wooden lid and see how that transforms the toilet. Not only will you save on a new toilet, but you can remodel the porcelain throne without even doing much at all.

3. Salvage

Whether you prefer garage sales or flea markets, these places have the best opportunities for savings. Salvage is usually pretty cheap, and you can use a lot of that stuff in the decor of your bathroom. If you notice old, salvaged wood, take as much as you can. A savvy woodworker can craft you an entirely unique vanity out of it. It won’t cost nearly as much as a whole new vanity would and your vanity is going to have considerably more character.

4. Tile Or No Tile

The same goes for tile. While it has been a popular trend as of late, tile can be needlessly expensive. Consider using salvaged planks of wood instead of tile to highlight certain parts of the bathroom. You can also find overstock items on certain tiles for a considerably cheaper price if the tile is a must-have in your bathroom.

5. Lighting

What makes a bathroom feel cozy and clean is lighting. You’re going to want to make that bathroom as bright as you can; otherwise, it can feel like a cave. Use natural lighting where possible, but otherwise optimize what you can on lighting fixtures. Make them part of the aesthetic and decor, so they’re not just something to brighten the room, but rather, part of the story.

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