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June 18, 2019

5 Myths About Adoption and Foster Care

Unfortunately, there are a number of damaging myths surrounding foster care and adoption. These myths prevent children who need it from getting adopted and contribute to the overcrowding of the foster care system. Below are five myths about the subject and the truths behind them.

1. It’s Always Expensive

Certain types of adoption do get costly. However, there are much cheaper options. Adopting a child from foster care, for example, can cost little to nothing at all. The cost for adopting a child from foster care usually ranges between $0 and $2,500. This depends on a number of factors such as the type of adoption, the agency you go through, your state, attorney fees and travel fees.

2. Children In Foster Care Are All Damaged

This is entirely false. Although there are children in foster care with special needs, there are many more who simply want and deserve a loving home. Foster parents help these children succeed each and every day. Foster parents also have the right to determine what kind of child(ren) they feel capable of caring for.

3. It’s Too Painful To Be A Foster Parent Because The Kids Leave

Depending on the circumstances of the individual case, you may very well be able to adopt the children you foster. If the child is adopted, watching them leave will be painful, but you will also be left with the knowledge that you gave this child love and support they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. If the child is never adopted, you can continue to be in contact with them and serve as a parental figure even after the child turns eighteen.

4. You Have To Be Married, Own Your Home And Be A Stay-At-Home Parent To Foster Or Adopt

You do not have to be married, heterosexual, childless, a homeowner or a stay-at-home parent to foster or adopt children. Requirements do include completing training classes, being financially stable, passing background checks, being at least 21 years old and having the ability to provide a stable and loving home for the kids. You can work full-time and use childcare services, just like you would care for a biological child.

5. It’s Faster And Easier To Adopt Internationally

International adoptions actually have additional challenges compared to domestic adoptions, even though they are a valid option as well. These include the added documentation caused by involving two countries, language barriers and dealing with U.S. Immigration. There is also the added worry that the child may have been abducted or otherwise taken from their birth parents through unscrupulous means. These issues are far less of a concern in domestic adoptions.

Don’t buy into these myths about adoption and foster care. There are many children out there who need homes and deserve your understanding. With these myths dispelled, hopefully you can do your part to help make their lives better, whether you choose to foster, adopt or volunteer.

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