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May 27, 2019

5 Great Exercises To Do To Lose Weight

Losing weight doesn’t have to be extremely difficult. It’s important to incorporate exercises into your regimen. Along with a great nutrition plan, these five exercises will do wonders to help you lose weight.

1. HIIT Training
In many cases, people use the excuse of time to avoid working out. Because they don’t have enough time in their schedule, they use it as an excuse to skip the sweat. However, high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T) completely eliminates the excuse. You only need between fifteen and twenty-five minutes to really make a major impact on your body. In this short span of time, you have to alternate between moving really fast and at a moderate pace. If you choose to use the elliptical machine, alternative the intensity levels every two minutes. As you do this, your body will have to keep up and remain engaged to get the most out of the workout. By the end, you will burn a ton of calories and get a really great workout in.

2. Swimming
If you’re someone who struggles with joint issues, swimming is the perfect low-impact cardio workout to try. Set the timer for ten minutes and do as many laps as you can. Not only is it a great form of cardio, but the water provides a significant amount of resistance that can tone the body.

3. Jogging
If you don’t have a gym membership and need to work up a sweat, you can easily go for a jog in the neighborhood. If you have a smartphone, you can easily track your steps to know how many miles you’ve jogged. If you’re an early bird, wake up in the morning and get it done before work. If you’re a beginner, start by making sure that you breathe through your nose. If you inhale and exhale through your mouth, you’ll wear yourself out quicker. If you need help, there are many running apps you can download. They provide motivating music and vocal prompts. The prompts will tell you when to jog and when to walk in order to pace yourself. If you choose to jog in the evening hours, always make sure that you wear a safety vest so that other drivers can see you. You don’t want to run the risk of a collision with a car.

4. Weightlifting
Weightlifting is a powerful method to help you lose weight. Muscle weighs more than fat, but it burns a lot of calories. You want to build your muscles and decrease the amount of fat in your body. Focus on lifting heavy weights first. As you lift heavy weights, you’ll burn more fat. You don’t need to lift weights every day. In fact, your muscles need time to rest. Knowing this, it’s best to focus on lifting twice or three times a week for the best results.

5. Tennis
Tennis is an awesome workout to try with a friend. If you’re chasing a ball for thirty minutes, you have to develop a sense of agility. You also need to develop speed. The first few rounds of tennis might wear you out. As you get used to it, you’ll become light on your feet and the pounds will melt away.

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