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June 18, 2019

5 Fun Activities To Learn About Your Family History

You are ready to learn about your family history but don’t know where to start. You wonder how will you will remember all the information. There are so many ways to learn and remember about your family history and once you connect with them, you will understand. is the most common tool that many people use to look up information about their family history. There are many activities that you can do to learn about your family history that can be more interactive than a website. While it can be very intuitive and informative to gather the resources available. It even offers a DNA test where you can get the most thorough details about where your family is from.

Visit A Cemetery 

Many people feel closure when they visit the burial site of a loved one. Making regular visitations can be healthy and make you feel more connected with that person.It is typically tradition to bring flowers with you to decorate the site which symbolizes brightness and hope. It can help you gain a deeper understanding when appreciating the vibrant life around you.

Interview a Family Member

Family members are usually very forthcoming when it comes to family history. It can be helpful to write out a list of questions you want to ask and then write their answers so as not to forget any information. This can be a fun process because, whether they are an immediate or distant relative, you will be getting more familiar knowledge about your family history. Naturally, the older the family member the more information they will have.

Make A Family Tree 

Use the information you already have or have acquired from the internet or family member(s) and create a family tree. Creating a family tree will help you fully grasp how large your family is, thanks to the knowledge you now have. The visual representation of your family will help you remember the history and fun, too.

Guess Who

Make a game out of the family members you now know. One idea is where you place their pictures on one side of a board/paper and the names on the other side and place them with the correct owner. Another interactive game that will help you remember is the memory game. Write out the names of everyone you’ve learned and point to their respective pictures.

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