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June 18, 2019

5 Beginner Vaping Tips to Follow

Vaping is the use of an e-cigarette vaporizer. It has become a popular alternative to the traditional cigarette. It may seem simple enough, but there is a lot to learn as well as some tips that can help beginners move along the learning curve faster.

#1. Avoid Cheap E-Liquids. 
The vaping industry may be under scrutiny in the United States, but that isn’t the case everywhere. Many cheap e-liquids come from China, for instance, and there is real concern over the kind of impurities that can be present in those supplies. In addition, cheap e-liquids are not usually as inexpensive as they first seem because they generally do not go as far.

#2. Sample Packs Are a Beginner’s Best Friend. 

It’s all about taste when it comes to vaping, and there are a lot of flavors out there. There are also a lot of manufacturers, and flavors can vary considerably from one to the next. Sample packs are a great way to experiment and determine what you like. If you encounter a flavor you don’t like, it’s usually no big deal to discard it since it’s a sample size.

#3. Start with a high VG. 
VG stands for vegetable glycerin. A high-VG e-liquid will be naturally sweeter, deliver a thicker smoke cloud, have little to no throat hit and cause fewer allergies. This will be the preference for most people. Your preference may be lower, but start high and work your way down until it is uncomfortable. Then, you’ll know your sweet spot.

#4. Be Serious About E-Liquid Maintenance.
Avoid buying more than you’ll use within several months because quality will degrade over time. Additionally, create a space that is ideal for e-liquid storage. Keep your liquid cool and in closed containers. Darker is better too. If you mix your own flavors, it helps to let them marinate in a dark room for a week or even two.

#5. Clean Your E-Tank Once a Week. 

Probably the biggest mistake newbies make is not cleaning their e-tank. Once a week, you want to disassemble your vaporizer. Then, rinse the tank, mouthpiece and atomizer under hot water. Let all components completely air dry before reassembling and using again. Since this can take a while, it’s not a bad idea to have a second vaporizer if you’re an avoid vaper. Doing so will keep your e-liquids tasting great!

A mistake that many beginners make is not experimenting enough. There are a lot of options out there, and you should avoid settling into preferences too soon. Be adventurous. With a little experience under belt, you’ll have real confidence in the equipment and supplies that you enjoy.

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