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May 27, 2019

4 Important Reasons to Clean Your Crawlspace Regularly

As much as you never want to get into the dark, leaving the areas such as a damp crawl space can affect your home negatively. When houses are constructed, they use crawl spaces because they are more affordable than the basements while still setting the house away from the termite prone places or the ground in the damp. They can also be used to circulate the homes. Despite how scaring these holes can become, they are important for the servicing and placement of duct plumbing and duct work.

Temperature and Air Quality
Crawl spaces are some of the parts of a home that are prone to water and moisture. This means that they offer a good place for mildew and mold to grow. Insects can also harbor such places. This air is then transferred to your clean home by the air conditioning system. Over 40 percent of the air in your home emanates from the crawl space. Poor quality of the air can affect your families with allergies as well as a weakened immune system with asthma. Your home temperature is also affected by the air because it is often cold. If that space is colder, the HVAC system will work harder to add heat to your home.

Get Rid of Pests
No one wants rodents or pests living under their houses especially when they homes have children. But rodents and pests can be drawn to these spaces naturally because they have access to food, infrequently visited, and are warm. While these creatures can be crawly and creepy, they can damage your duct work and electrical wiring. This can cause serious damage to your home.

Lower Energy Bill
A crawl space that has no proper insulation can result in heat loss in your home. You can understand the value of encapsulating the crawl space now that you understand how important maintaining this space is. Encapsulating simply means that a professional is hired to install barrier that prevents moisture from entering or accumulating around this space. All potential issues arising from moisture, mold, and mildew can be prevented automatically whenever you install this barrier. As a matter of fact, insulating this space saves up to 50 percent of your homes heating costs.

Prevent Future Issues and Reduce Maintenance Costs
By acting soon to take note of the preventative steps and cleaning your crawlspace, you have taken the most important initial step towards protecting your family and home from any issues that can arise in the future. Moisture and mold in either the crawl space or the attic space under your home often lead to the damage of the structure and foundation of the building with time. It will cause pain to your wallet if you start making future repairs.

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