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May 27, 2019

4 Health Benefits of Barre Classes

The form of the ballerina is a symbol of elegance, poise, and grace, explaining the popularity of Barre-style fitness classes. In traditional ballet, the barre is the waist-height bar used for support during warm-up stretches, and modern Barre classes fuse these movements with strengthening techniques and other exercises to produce a complete workout. The results can manifest as long, lean, toned muscles and graceful, more fluid movements in one’s everyday life but, aside from the aesthetics, taking Barre classes offers a number of health benefits that make it an appealing style of movement to try.

Improved Posture

Movements in Barre classes require being mindful of proper alignment. The spine is kept straight while working the core which will lead to better posture as the abdominal muscles become stronger. While proper posture can make us feel more attractive, it also imparts a range of other health benefits including increased energy, reduced anxiety, and deeper breathing.

Reduced Stress

Exercising is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress and Barre classes may offer and added benefit. During exercise, the mind is focused on controlling the physical body which offers a respite from the busy world. Because Barre is so intensive and requires high levels of concentration, it is an ideal choice for those seeking stress-relief. Exercise eases tension in the body and, as the mind and body are intimately linked, it makes sense that when the body feels good, the mind follows.

Muscle Definition

Barre classes target muscle groups to build tone and definition, strengthening the muscles which can have long-term health benefits. Increased muscle definition raises the body’s metabolic rate which can help burn fat even when you are done exercising. This can also lead to increased energy and less tension on the joints that occurs when muscles are not strong enough to hold the body in proper alignment.

Increased Flexibility

Having flexibility within our body helps us feel better all around as we are able to move more easily without the tightness and pain that comes from stiff muscles. Stretching the muscles can help to alleviate back pain and supports proper posture. Increasing flexibility can also help to prevent injuries as the muscles are more supple and able to move within their full range of motion. Stretching encourages blood and oxygen flow to the muscles which can prepare them for more strenuous activity without risk of injury.

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