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June 18, 2019

4 Creative Tips for Easter Decorations This Year

Easter is a great holiday to decorate for because it invokes positive thoughts of Spring. Temperatures are starting to warm up, stretches of daylight get longer, and animals once again make their presence known. Easter is a time for bright colors and cute decorations according to the Independent. It’s a holiday where the whole can decorate together. There are a variety of options too. Easter decorations can be religious, animal-related, or spring-themed depending on what your family believes in. If you need inspiration, here are four creative tips for Easter decorations this year.

1.) Easter Egg Garland
Garland is one of those staple decorations that can be used no matter what the holiday. It’s quite easy and fun to make Easter egg garland. All you have to do is cut a long string and tie a knot at one end and thread the other. Next, string the garland through the holes at the bottom of your plastic egg. That’s it! You can purchase different colors, styles, and designs of plastic eggs meaning you’ll have lots of variety for your decoration. These are great to hang anywhere whether it’s over your windows, on your mantle, or around a table.

2.) Easter Wreaths Provide a Warm Holiday Welcome
Easter wreaths are great because they’re a simple craft that the whole family can enjoy. All you need to do is purchase a styrofoam wreath and a ribbon for hanging. Afterward, you can decorate however you please. You can use cotton to turn the wreath into a bunny, jelly beans to create a wreath dedicated to the holiday treat, or the grass that comes in Easter baskets to create an Easter-themed wreath.

3.)Peeps Houses
Gingerbread houses are a Christmas-favorite activity. Did you know that you can also make them Easter-themed? All you have to do is create a Gingerbread house like you normally would using frosting and graham crackers. When it comes to decorating them, use peeps, jelly beans, Jordan almonds, chocolate eggs and more for decorations.

4.) Jelly Bean Trees
If you’re looking for a creative an inexpensive way to decorate for Easter, Jelly Bean trees are the way to go. You can purchase sticks from a local craft store or collect them outside yourself. All you have to do next is glue jelly beans all over the sticks. You can do all one color or a multitude of colors. You can add the sticks to a vase you already have. It’s a great centerpiece for any table because it’s subtle but adds just the right pop of Easter decor.

Easter Decorating Doesn’t Have to be Complicated
According to The Telegraph, Easter has become a grander affair in terms of decorating in recent time. More people than ever before are going all out to decorate their homes. Luckily, these four creative ideas will save you some guesswork of figuring out how to decorate.

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