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May 27, 2019

3 RC Model Cars Every Collector Needs

It’s easy to see why so many collectors fall in love with RC cars. They look beautiful on a shelf, but the collectors that love action can also race them. Car lovers can collect RC versions of their favorite vehicles, and it’s much easier to take them all for a spin that it is to try out a dozen real cars on the road. Most collectors will choose cars that they remember seeing in magazines when they were young, or even cars that they may have owned in the past, but there are a few classic RC cars that are so significant that every collector should try to acquire them.

Tamiya Frog

Everybody should try to have at least one vehicle from the Tamiya Corporation. The company’s cars dominated the market during the 1980’s, when many people believe that RC cars reached their golden age. They earned their dominance by producing a wide variety of quality vehicles, so almost any Tamiya RC car makes for an excellent addition to a collection.

The Tamiya Frog deserves some special attention. It dates back to 1983, when it immediately became popular because it offered some of the best racing performance of its time. The car’s sleek and attractive appearance also contributed to its success. That makes it a perfect choice for collectors who value speed, appearance, or simple historical value in their vehicles.

HPI RS4 Mini

A car doesn’t have to be big to be beautiful. The popularity of mini RC cars tends to come and go in waves, but they are undeniably an important part of the hobby’s history. One of the first ones to become popular was the HPI RS4 Mini.

These cars were designed with speed in mind, so they’re perfect for people who love to race. Technical enthusiasts will also be pleased to find that there are plenty of ways to modify them to get the perfect vehicle. Some collectors might suspect that their small size could be a disadvantage for display, but it does have a silver lining in that it’s easy to find space for a large collection of little vehicles.

Yokomo Dogfighter

Yokomo was one of the first corporations to produce RC cars, and also one of the first to offer cars that did not require assembly. One of their earliest successes was the Yokomo Dogfighter, a racing car that launched an entire series of designs. The original car is extraordinarily rare, but later cars in the series look similar and still offer incredible performance. The Dogfighter even won the first championship race that it entered! There aren’t many better choices for people who want a historic racer, and the ease with which the car accepts modifications makes it an excellent choice for tinkerers as well.

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