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June 18, 2019

3 Interesting Facts to Know About Uber Accident Court Cases

Uber is a business that offers peer-to-peer ride-hailing and ride-sharing services. This creates some interesting scenarios when accidents occur because the drivers may not be deemed professionals as taxi drivers, for instance, would. With this wrinkle in mind, here are several interesting facts concerning Uber accident cases.

1. Most Uber accident cases do not go to court. 

You may think that the whole Uber setup is a recipe for disaster when it comes to accidents, but that isn’t the case—at least usually. Uber is a solid business model, and the company was established with the understanding that accidents were going to be a cost of doing business. Uber has an insurance policy that covers you up to $1 million if the Uber driver was at fault. If another driver was at fault, then you would sue his or her insurance company, and if that person is uninsured, then things can get a lot more complicated. This is the likeliest scenario where an Uber accident case would go to court.

2. Uber drivers are independent contractors.

Uber generally does not contest insurance coverage for passengers in accident when the Uber driver was at fault, but it does have grounds to do so in that the driver is not an employee. The reason why Uber does this is because it would be bad for businesses. If passengers were getting screwed, word would get around, and it would hurt the bottom line. Nevertheless, Uber has this option, and in certain cases, it can be necessary to sue the driver directly or in addition to Uber or just solely.

3. States are taking steps to broaden Uber’s liabilities. 

Consider a scenario in which you are riding a bicycle in the bike lane and get hit by an Uber driver. If that driver has a passenger, you are likely covered by Uber. If the driver doesn’t have a passenger, then whether or not you are covered depends on your state. California and Washington have taken steps to protect victims but not all states have. These situations are also complicated by whether or not the driver was on duty.

If you are involved in an Uber accident, then you may be able to sue Uber and may not even have to. However, when an accident occurs, don’t focus on the potential compensation but rather the steps that you can take to protect yourself. Call 911. Take pictures with your phone. Record the driver name and license plate number. Seek medical attention even if you may not feel like you need it right now. Finally, consult with a lawyer to determine your options and other steps that you may need or want to take.

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