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June 18, 2019

3 Facts to Know Before Becoming a CDL Driver

With a need for almost 900,000 truck drivers through 2025, a career as a CDL driver is definitely one that is in demand. However, the driving career is not for everyone. You should take the time to learn about CDL driver jobs and expectations, as well as get firsthand accounts from other drivers to see what you might like or dislike about the job. Getting a CDL takes time, and before you make that commitment you should know what you’re getting into.

Things to Consider Before Committing to This Career 

A CDL driver career can be a rewarding one. It also can be very challenging. Right now, many companies are offering to train drivers or help them get licensed with the promise of big earnings, flexible schedules and career options, and even sign-on bonuses. However, you have to read the fine print. A company that offers a $5,000 sign-on bonus isn’t going to hand you a stack of cash as soon as you sign the paperwork. Usually, these bonuses are dependent on meeting certain milestones and are paid over time. If you think this career is a good way to get easy money, think again. Being a CDL truck driver does pay well, but you have to work for it.

According to Forbes, most local trucking companies are looking for drivers that have some long haul experience. If you want to go straight into a career as a local driver, make sure that you have prospects lined up before you make the switch. In some cases, you might have to accept a short-term role as a long haul driver before you can qualify for local and regional jobs in your area. Do not assume that you can have whatever job you want once you obtain a CDL, because many companies still have high expectations and requirements despite the driver shortage.

As far as obtaining your CDL, not all training programs are the same. A company might offer to sponsor your training as a condition of future hire, which is a great perk. However, you should look into the training programs available or offered to you and make sure that you choose a reputable, extensive program that covers everything you need to know. Driving a commercial truck is a serious responsibility. The training should reflect that.

The bottom line is that you need to thoroughly research any career before you make a decision. Right now, CDL driving is a field that is in high demand, and that can affect the quality and reputation of training programs and available positions within the industry. Being a driver can be a rewarding career. It offers a variety of career options from local to long-haul delivery and everything in between. You just have to decide if it is the right career for you.

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